Giethoorn, Netherlands
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David Michael. · 5 answers · 1y

Can we stop this? Menurut aku jokes kayak gini tuh agak gimana gitu ya, sekali dua kali gapapa tapi kalo tiga kali empat dua belas. Tapi ini serius sih bagi orang yang ngikutin susah senengnya mereka nanti takut tambah dewasa takut aku kecewa takut tak seindah yang ku kira.

Mira · 4 answers · 12mo

Pernah gak di posisi "Wow, hidup gue mirip drama banget dah"? Ceritain dong.

Mira · 7 answers · 12mo

Do you have any habit? Or things you would do everyday beside eat and sleep? Tell me!

Turning off my alarm everyday, snoozing the first alarm until the last one and I will finally get up.

Lily · 28 answers · 12mo

Menurut kalian bubur diaduk atau gak diaduk itu penting gak 🙂

Anonymous munchkin · 1y

banh do you set your eyes on someone ritenow?

Lily · 20 answers · 1y

Hi, are you doing okay?

Hi, totally okay, thanks for asking. Hope happiness visits you more often this month.

anyes! · 1y

how do you cope with burn out!! @_@

Acknowledging that I am in that phase, then I will have a time to think about things thoroughly, and last I will have some me time to buy foods that I like. Then I eat them while listening to my favorite songs. That’s how I recharge my energy.

anyes! · 1y

thoughts on anyes minimal 5 paragraf

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