Lily asked 5 months ago

What have you recently felt grateful for?


What have you recently felt grateful for?

I'm grateful for everything. All limbs, no major physical injuries or mental blocks. The gift of life, good health and to be able to move my body daily. For a beautiful sunny day, for so many amazing, loving and supportive people in my life, to be spiritually alive and here in the present moment, my own vehicle, my connection to the universal soul. I can't pick out one, Iā€™m grateful for be able to be grateful.

Still able to breath everytime I open my eyes, perhaps.

I get to try mini-sized Oatside oatmilk recently, it was so good

Not sure to be very honest. But the fact that I'm still healthy despite everything is something I need to be grateful of.

I recently felt grateful for a beautiful sunset I witnessed. It reminded me to appreciate the simple yet incredible moments of natural beauty around us.

I am grateful for myself for being able to survive until now.

My birthday? Yes. I've waited for today for a year. Eventhough, things doesn't work as it should, I'm glad I could survive through a quick incident; Hence, I still alive, and be grateful.

I always felt grateful over everything even the little things I did, but today I felt grateful bc my sissy is finally recovered and coming back home from hospital <3 yay

Bisa mengeluarkan hajat setelah 3 hari gk mengeluarkan hajat

Being sane enough in the world full of people that lacks in common sense šŸ˜‚

Every piece of food that came into my mouth soalnya akhir-akhir ini I have an issue with my stomach...

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