Sprinklings kindness everywhere I go

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pretty souls · 2mo

Yiyu, kenapa Pharita dipake kamu vibes nya jadi biduan, ya? Tapi gapapa, aku mau makasih soalnya kamu lucu.....

pretty souls · 2mo

Gamon mulu ajg.

pretty souls · 2mo

if you could pick one out of Doraemon's pocket, what would you choose? ✨

Emilly Rose W · 3mo

hello, can i get follback? I'm from ssefnum

pretty souls · 3mo

So, who's the 'M' ?

pretty souls · 3mo

yes, I'm the previous sender. well, I could say that I can be your 'Eunjung’ though. your own Eunjung

pretty souls · 3mo

What language is this in which you respond to comments? 👀👀👀

ah, it’s just a joke 😅 to answer your question, i don’t speak other languages beside english. hope it helps your curiosity! :D

pretty souls · 3mo

Do you speak other languages ​​besides English?

hey, yes i do! i can speak japanese like yare yare. and arabic like assalamualaikum. and korean like shibal sekkiya!!!!!

pretty souls · 3mo

yah, padahal kl iya mau gua ajak pacaran

HAAA MAKSUDNYA PACARAN GIMANA????? ini sender nyang kemarin nanya gw lesbi apa beda....

pretty souls · 3mo

Hey how are you? I don't know if it's day, afternoon or night where you live, regardless of the time, I hope you have a great day. I am writing this because I believe it is important to care about the well-being of others.

hello, anon. i’m pretty good! thank you for asking yaah. that’s the weetest of you ☹️ i hope you too yah anon baik! thank you for being a good person to others <3

Jo · 8 answers · 3mo

Hey, what do you usually do when coping with stress?

pretty souls · 3mo

lu lesbi ya?


achiL · 20 answers · 3mo

teman teman ada yang pernah rasain gacoan dicampur susu?? 🕵🏻‍♀️ rasanya gimanaaa pls tell me karena aku mau nyoba! ^___^

Gregory · 49 answers · 3mo

Hello, nice to meet you! how should I call your name?

pretty souls · 3mo

Hi Catherina, do you set your eyes on someone?

oh hi there! uhm.. i do set my eyes on someone :] hope it helps your curiosity yah sendernim ♥️

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