Griselda Fiene

A shrouded piece of poetry. The dove would fly here and there to convey it with all the heart.

Amsterdam, Netherland.
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Dear my Howler, anything.


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Kazuya. · 12 answers · 1y

thoughts on kazuya?

Kazuya is a beautiful woman, both inside and out. I am very happy to be friends with her because friendliness is one of her accents when interacting. Wishing Kazuya lots of happiness <3

tunAa! 😼 · 13 answers · 1y

Gabut banget serius 😭 ngapain yah

Masih gabut enggak? I think it's time to do something you love or try something new. Design or explore a new song, for example....

tunAa! 😼 · 26 answers · 1y

Rambut kalian tipe yang cepet panjang atau enggak?

I think mine is the typical one that has grown a bit longer in length(???) hampir setahun gak dipotong panjangnya masih sepinggang dari yang dulunya sebahu. 😿

tunAa! 😼 · 12 answers · 1y

HII!!! how's your day today? going well or not?

HEY! This half-day went well. After a long time, I met some of my friends again and felt a bit of the atmosphere that I had missed.

tunAa! 😼 · 19 answers · 1y

Have any plans for today???

It's the weekend right? Maybe the plan is to still relax at home while editing photos or watching YouTube. My favorites!

Muggle · 1y

Wanna befriend with youuuu, can i hit your dm :(

Muggle · 1y

To be honest, I saw you a few times and found you cute. I might become your secret admirer, only if you let me.

Hello, Anon. Sorry for my late response. Thank you so much for giving that great statement. Yeah, I appreciate how you feel. Have a good day, okay??

౨ৎ · 5 answers · 1y

What makes you think life is good?

When I fully accept myself and give thanks for what I receive in the world. Life is good as long as I enjoy life. Run in my bare feet instead of borrowing someone else's shoes.

Isabby · 10 answers · 1y

would you mind to tell me your currently reading? 🗯️📚

For now, I'm not reading any books. Assignments, tests, and things related to it prevent me from exploring many books and reading them :(((

Keandra. · 4 answers · 1y

If your ex texted you with "Hello", would you respond to them?

Isabby · 9 answers · 1y

your fav 'galau' or sad songs that can makes you cry?

Lately, I like Mariners Apartment Complex (Lana Del Rey) and When I Was Your Man (Bruno Mars). Both make me in the blue even though I'm not in galau phase.

౨ৎ · 7 answers · 1y

May I know what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name of mine, Valentine?

Valentine: A word with a wonderful meaning. About love, sincerity, and something beautiful.

Kalya Candramaya · 7 answers · 1y

Any thoughts on Aya? > _ <

Ayaaa!! She's a sweet person. Going through the days with the power she has, I'm proud of that. Also, become friendly with people around her. You are truly loved, Aya >_<

Chiezu, Aimi. · 4 answers · 1y

what are you doing guys.. aku boseeenn!

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