Cats? Cats! 馃悎鈥嶁瑳

I was Bellatrice/Tris/Shabie
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Melione. 9 answers 1y

Happy Sunday! Any plan for today?

IVY 11 answers 1y

Song to express your feeling right now?

Meong 路 1y

Shabie, Mas sedang demam hari ini. As promised, I'll just show up in your DMs tonight and have a convo. Belum bisa sayang-sayangan sama Shabie sekarang, maaf ya?

Iya, mas. 馃ス Don鈥檛 be sorry, it鈥檚 totally fine!! Mas sudah minum obat? Don鈥檛 forget to drink lots of water ya, mas.. semoga nanti malem udah baikan. 馃

Iya nanti kita lanjut ngobrolnya di DM aja, mas. Sekarang istirahat dulu yaaah! Lekas sembuh, mas. See you! 馃ス馃

Ryota 9 answers 1y

Tell me a good news that you've got this week!

Oh.. a lot of good things happened this week and I am so thankful for that. I can鈥檛 mention it one by one, but I am so happy. :o

Meong 路 1y

Shabie cantik, Mas is not feeling very well tonight. Belum ada tenaga untuk bales surat Adek yang lucu itu. Mas promises to approach Shabie tomorrow. For now, Mas mau istirahat dulu. Good night, my little Shabie. 鉂わ笍

Ollie. 21 answers 1y

Who's ready for valentine??! Kalian udah siapin hadiah apa aja nih buat orang kesayangan? 馃ゴ

I am ready for this valentine (AAA I AM FULL OF LOVE) dan buat hadiahnya.. hehe.. rahasia!

Meong 路 1y
Meong 路 1y
Anonim myn 33 answers 1y

HEEEELLLPPP!!! Cara nahan ngantuk gimana plisss??? Selain minum kopi atau nonton film 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶

Anonim myn 26 answers 1y

Hello! Good morning! Have a nice day everyoneee~ jangan lupa sarapan yah! Anyone wanna be my mootoals di twitter? Boleh bagi usn? Nanti aku follow! Sankyu~

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