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OminousWind asked 10 months ago

you can't use gentoo/gentoo derivated distro which one do you choose?

mhh probably one of these: artix, alpine, nixos, bedrock, freebsd/openbsd

though for work stuff i often use vanilla ubuntu because noone asks questions than

OminousWind asked about 1 year ago

places you wanna travel yes or yes before dying?

russia, poland, japan, taiwan and more parts of china, Czech, south middle/america. i plan of traveling more in europe in the next years, because it is doable by train and all.

i especially wanna look up weird stuff in more countries, like weeb/goth/tech/gentoo/maker/nerd scenes. those are sometimes hard to find but the talks and experiences are very nice and comfy.

i also like just meeting people in a hostel or so and spent and evening with them.

im not a big fan of just sightseeing and "consuming" another country. i like being lazy during traveling and relax often. watching an anime in another country is not a waste of [...]

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Anonymous Coward asked 11 months ago

have you ever had anyone treat you differently for being goth?

mhh yeah often. i think i have encountered much less racism when wearing more black/gothic clothes. mhh not much negativ stuff. sometimes people assume music i like is disturbing for them and theirs is not annoying for me. because "their taste" is "normal". but have encountered those people less after school

OminousWind asked about 1 year ago

tech related things you want to buy/get?

pinewatch! oh and i would love to have an mntmn reform though it is out of my budget range. otherwise just finishing projects i guess. oh and i need a bunch of tools all the time

Anonymous Coward asked about 1 year ago

Are you a cricket or a dog? Or both? If both - what parts of you are of a cricket, what of a dog?

im a human which listens to the nickname cricket and has a deep admiration for dogs so i might imitate them sometimes