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BobOmbMonkey asked 3 days ago · 12 answers

Is there drama everywhere, or am I just noticing it more than usual? It seems that every online community I join gets into some kind of pointless drama that I don't care about half the time.

nah i feel like it is the same as usual. maybe u accidently got closer to it.

most annoyed i was at internet drama was the big big twitter wave of users coming to fedi last year.

tbh recently it calmed down in my experience.

if u mean corporate drama i agree. twitter, reddit, unity, LTT, all got so much outrage it was hard to stay away. but tbh i dont really care about those

Jaffy asked 5 days ago · 4 answers

Which direction do you usually cut your sandwiches in?

Jaffy asked 7 days ago · 3 answers

What should I wear today?

AMoonRabbit asked 7 days ago · 9 answers

What was the last thing that made you double take?

whenever i do cables on electronic devices. always triple check all pins and connections...

Puniko asked 6 days ago · 17 answers

if you could take one game to a lonely island, which one would you take?

poe if it would work offline...

not into minecraft but probably best single game to spent the rest of the life with.

or factorio mhh

is there a sim game about escaping a lonely island?

Kimby asked 10 days ago · 3 answers

Favorite recipe?

always changing and always trying out new things. most used one probably scrambled tofu

dd🌺 asked 14 days ago · 11 answers

Did you smile today?

Jaffy asked 10 days ago · 2 answers

I feel bad today, what should I do?

BobOmbMonkey asked 10 days ago · 17 answers

Have you ever flown a plane? I've had one flying lesson so far and I would like to do more!

dd🌺 asked 13 days ago · 11 answers

How often are you bored?

lately like never. im looking forward to being bored again.

im annoyed more often i think by stuff. and i avoid people who are boring. otherwise i would like more alone time at home

vyivel asked 14 days ago · 8 answers

Are you comfortable with crying in front of friends? And people you don't know?

dd🌺 asked 17 days ago · 13 answers

Favourite communication/chat platform?

face to face, fedi, matrix, telegram, email, threema, letter,signal

in that order, i dont use other i think

BobOmbMonkey asked 19 days ago · 13 answers

Let's go bowling bowling bowling bowling bowling bowling...?

since i saw this message im thinking about what is the right term for the german "Kegeln" on english. it isnt the same as bowling but all translator suggest bowling. wikipedia article suggests "Nine-pin bowling".

i prefer that one. less hard on the hand

Jaffy asked 21 days ago · 2 answers

Why do people always try to control who you are instead of getting to know who you are?

tbh in my experience those who try to control you are a minority who cares about u. most people will just ignore u if they dont like what they see

dd🌺 asked 24 days ago · 14 answers

Cute dating place idea?

boat on a river... wanna rent a kajak and drive for an hour or 2 ~

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