AMoonRabbit · 12 answers · 4mo

Do you sometimes put 1 song on repeat? How long do you have it on repeat for?

I used to, for hours. But I don't really anymore, since I either listen to a webradio, to whatever soundcloud recommends after a track I picked, or I just put my entire music library on shuffle if I'm listening to music offline.

a day, especially if i want to stew on it its nice to not have to skip over songs i don't like and especially if its a mood i resonate with(such as feeling manic)

sometimes, if i feel like it. and how long depends on how long i want to listen to it

I found an old song from my teen days and could not but hear it on repeat for two weeks. After that I still am able to listen to it three or four times in a row without it getting on my nerves.

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