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Hi. Can you guys recommend me some movies or series to watch? Any genre is fine. Thanks in advance!


Hi. Can you guys recommend me some movies or series to watch? Any genre is fine. Thanks in advance!

Anne with an E! It’s a show abt two older siblings adopting an orphan girl, but they thought they were getting a boy. Anne has a very good imagination, passion & has been through so much. This series is so beautiful! It’s got everything humor, adventure, love, etc. Set in late 1800s.

You should watch ghibli movies! I recommend you Ponyo or Spirited away!

If you’re a fantasy enjoyer, I recommend The Wheel of Time, and if you enjoy horror, I’d say… The Exorcist series. Both are on Amazon Prime.

Hm... I'm not really watch movies and series but maybe you can watch Gannibal, Hide and Seek, or Cold Eyes (Korean ver)

Hmmm, I usually watch One Dollar Lawyer on Disney+ as my comfort series whenever I'm sad. It's actually a mystery and comedy.

If you're fine with animation, try watching Arcane. Best series of 2021, methinks. For movie, my pick would be Ngeri Ngeri Sedap.

if you like abt detective, it's anime tapi latar belakangnya Eropa, it's called Moriarty The patriot!!

If you don't mind with anime, watch some from Studio Ghibli; Howl's Moving Castle or Spirited Away can be starter. For series, try watching Wednesday and Alice In Borderland.

the spiderwick chronicles! kalau kamu suka anime yang seru, assassination classroom super bagus!

Movies, recently I watched both Indonesia and Hollywood movies. So it's Everything Everywhere once at all. I highly recommended this. So another is you might knew, it's Noktah Merah Pernikahan if I am not mistaken. Arrival and Colony with Interstellar are next movies I would like to recommend.

hewooo! ssworry i haven't been watching the series lately u_u butt i'm watching a korean drama, namely [crash course in romance] it's a comedy romance drama! kamu harus nonton deeeeh beneran seru sekaliii hehe >_0

20th century girl kalo belom nonton!! Would also recommend The Grand Budapest Hotel and The half of it !!

Watching Korean dramas like The Uncanny Counter might be a good idea.

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