饾棝饾棽饾椏饾椇饾椂饾椉饾椈饾棽 饾棔饾椆饾椂饾榾饾榾饾棽.

She preferred most of all to live with flowers and music and to have a book, in quite solitude

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catto 路 10mo

What is heavier: a kilogram of steel, or a kilogram of feathers?

Arsena, D 11 answers 1y

Lagu apa kira-kira yang harus didengerin kalau hujan?

鈥 kaila ! 喟 27 answers 1y

since most of them here are not my mutuals on twitter, so.. does anyone want to be my friends on twitter?

鈥 kaila ! 喟1y

hello hermione! here i want to greet you warmly. anyway, are you willing to follow me back?

Arsena, D1y

Hi, Hermione. Do you prefer read a book or the adapted movie? Can you give me one title that you think both the book or movie is worth to read/watch?

henyo aidan! i prefer adapted movie, soalnya lebih enak kalau nonton, aku juga tipe yang kalau kelamaan baca buku full tulisan <tanpa gambar> bakal pusing.. kAMU HARUS COBA BACA & NONTON HARRY POTTER SAMA DIARY OF A WIMPY KID! ini super seru + lucu!

Edith Kathleen 5 answers 1y

If someone told you that you're too brave and too confident, what would you say to them?

herbariume 15 answers 1y

ayo sebut menu/ lauk nasi padang andalan kalian

Aleia! 喹ㄠ 7 answers 1y

Hi :3 What YouTube channels would you think I should check out? I need to find some fresh videos to watch.. thank you so much, friends! :D

5 answers 1y

it's february! 馃尫 as how i always perceived new month with new perspective of life, mind to tell me your plan to welcome the month of love? it could be something small, like treating yourself to delicious snacks or reading your favorite books! 馃尞馃摎 tell me, tell me! 馃┓

aku bulan ini mau super ambis! terus juga kalau bisa, bulan ini aku mau happy happy belanja semua barang barang yang aku suka <alias boros dikit>

# 18 answers 1y

Hi. Can you guys recommend me some movies or series to watch? Any genre is fine. Thanks in advance!

the spiderwick chronicles! kalau kamu suka anime yang seru, assassination classroom super bagus!

Phoebe. 17 answers 1y

Hi.. IDK this is a random thought of mine in the midnight. Anyone miss to feel in love, like.. in in love? People who feel it now, please describe me how wonderful it is?

it feels like you have thousand of butterflies in your stomach alias salting terus! you have reasons why you smile in the morning n before going to sleep! terus feel suppa duppa happy when my beloved one gives me kiccie, haggu, and hear all my stories!鈾

Raphael J. 42 answers 1y

If there was a day where you were free to do anything without any restrictions, what would you like to do? And who's the lucky person brought by you?

mmm.. aku enggak tau mau ngapain t^t && aku enggak akan bawa orang, kayanya aku bakal bawa gugukku!


Hello there. May I have your follow back? Thank you and have a great day!

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