Shanina♡ · 6 answers · 8mo

Hi there! My retrospring new buddies. And everyones here???! Let's have a talk here with share 'bout your Friday? 🥺☝🏻

Hi!! Pardon my late reply but my friday went well yesterday! How about yours? Hope it went well and you will have a great day ahead <3

hi, shanina! yesterday went pretty good as usual enggak ada bedanya soalnya kemarin itu enggak ada class jadi di full di rumah rebahan <3

AAAA lovely prettiest. 5/5, waktu malemm ada yang bikin sedih kemarin ;_;) karena aku seorang infp, aku menangiss skdjsk. how bout yours???

Hello! Nice to meet you! My Friday was a bit hectic at day, and tiring at night. What about you??

HIII NINAAA <3 my friday weeeeent gooooddddd so far! im currently watching gossip girl :3 tadi aku jajan eskrim banyaaaaak >___< misuperhepi <3

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