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what’s something you got away with as a child and your parents still don’t know about?

A wild ride involving a hush-hush accident and a surprising, shall we say, "character-building" role.

Apa ya... Kayanya gua terlalu jujur deh. Semua yang gua alamin pas kecil udah gua ungkapin walaupun sampe berantem dan berlinang air mata pas ungkapinnya 🥺

dulu gara-gara earphone gue sering rusak tuh sering ngambil earphone mereka diem diem, terus pas mereka nyariin bilang nya "enggak tau, gak liat" HEHEHEHEHE

Ada kejadian. Di bus, pernah hampir dicopet, hp nya. Terus tangan pencopet nya ku cengkram, sambil nanya "mo ngapain?" yg ngeliat, ampe ketakutan- bilang nyuruh cepet pergi. Akhirnya aku pergi, agaknya berani tapi gemeteran. hshshs

PACARAN... sampe sekarang kayaknya orang tua aku engga tau kalo aku pernah pacaran padahal they tell me not to :D

prolly that time when i was too thirsty in the middle of ramadhan so i just like.. pushing the dispenser and open my mouth as big as i can and drink straight from that thing lmao. still the funniest thing i could remember

I used to often buy jajanan around my school when my father and mother clearly forbade me to do so. I also used to often go to internet cafes, even though my parents didn't allow it, but as a result, now I'm the "paling melek teknologi" in the family hehe

My parents are very strict about what food I can eat since I have a VERY sensitive digestive-system. I used to sneak out and grab cilok, cilor, cilung, and all kinds of street foods once in a while grinning and giddy. Teeheehee!

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