Nicklaus Andrew.

Worshiping the moon at night is a beautiful way of telling a peaceful story.

Valencia, Spain.
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Throw the words to me.


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Lotta. · 6 answers · 9mo

and oh, this is your weekly reminder that you are doing your best. it don't have to be perfect, just keep it going. c:

Lotta. · 10 answers · 9mo

what is your comfort food?

Lotta. · 4 answers · 9mo

take a calculator, put your shoe size & add two zeros after it, minus it with the year you were born, then plus the year of the present, you will get the numbers with last two digits is your age or the age you will be turning to. try and have your result.

Nicky's Pals · 9mo

Hello, Nicklaus. I am not one of your muruals but your tweets do appear quite often on my for you page. I just have to let you know that you look lovely, and is very attractive. Thank you for existing. I like seeing you around. May you have a great day, and I hope I don’t offend anyone (by this I mean your lover or gebetan). ❣️

Hei, how sweet of you! Thank you for the kind words that you throw to this platform. Stay healthy too because the world is too cruel to us even though our bodies can be fragile like baby skin. May you have a great day ahead too, happy thursday!

· 6 answers · 9mo

Hi how are you doing these days everyone?! 🩷

Lotta. · 6 answers · 9mo

hi! how are you doing today? gimana bulan Juninya this far?

Second week of June, I just processing my thesis as well. Little bit bored to doing on it, I'm sure time will pass. Doain bisa defense bulan ini yaa

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