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Émmanuelle · 20d

Dear my precious sis, if you're a flower, which flower do you think you are?

I would definitely compare myself to the beautiful and graceful ‘Lily of the Valley’ as well. I am a May baby, I follow some beliefs and mythology of the flower, as well as my own personal sentiments, so I’m pretty attached to it.

Addie. · 21d

Tell me about your favorite slash signature scent!

I absolutely love the scent of Lavender Vanilla or Bulgarian Rose as a top note. But I'm really into calm scents that bring a sense of comfort and relaxation. So, I prefer lighter, earthy scents over strong, overpowering ones.

Dovewing · 2mo

Pretty. <3

Aresha · 4mo

sara!!! what’s ur favorite song atm?

Dovewing · 4mo

Sara kamu kemana? Aku kangen banget

Hello dear, kamu mutual aku di amorquate ya? 😭 aku move ke swirlskies, free follow ya

cic★ · 5mo

Selain mixue mangga km suka eskrim apa dan KENAPA

cic★ · 5mo

FI aku dong (ini Amy HFS btw)

FI kamu as amy yaa aku kira galak?? 😭 tapi siapa sangka di cica kamu manis banget, pinkie girl!

Lucy. · 7mo

haiii!! gimana harinya sejauh ini? semoga besok harinya makin baik dan selalu baik yaaa!!

Huaa maaf baru liat ini. Thank you! Hari aku sejauh ini baik banget, how bout you? Semoga hari kamu selalu baik juga yaa. If there's anything, you can hit me up ya! Terima kasih orang baik. 🥺

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