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is anyone by any chance loves watching true crime documentaries?? I'm planning on watching one again after a while so some recs would be much of a help <3

Ooh I like it! I recommend to watch My Daughter's Killer or Don't F**k with Cats. But I do not recommend you to watch the last one if you're sensitive about animals

Wah, apa ya. Bcs i'm a good person, so I don't like criminalization (boong). Tapi ada satu, coba nonton American Murder: The Family Next Door (2020).

udah nonton "Our Father" belum? warning ya agak menjijikan tapi totally bagus rare begitu ceritanya.

Aku aku, sebenernya ini bukan crime yang kayak pembunuhan atau lain lain.. Cuma ini kejahatan penipuan gitu judulnya "Tinder Swindler" and I'd love to recommend that

Oh please do inform me if you find one that is interesting as I am a big fan of true documentaries as well. Though lately I have no time to watch any, so I don't have any recommendations. :(

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