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What's your favorite computer bug/glitch? (Including video game glitches.)

Or: Tell me about some interesting technical issues that you've had.

My personal laptop has this issue that annoys the ever living shit out of me! The cursor - and ONLY the default black colored cursor; has an issue where it likes to "glitch" out and make it appear as if the white outline of the cursor isn't matched up with the black center of the cursor. it's so annoying and it bugs my eyes.

I had a weird glitch on Sonic the Hedgehog where it said "Illegal operation" or something like that, but I don't remember how to trigger it. It's probably not in the Switch version tho

The one in Mario Kart 64 where you can drive right through Peach's castle on the Royal Raceway!

There was one time I did it where I saw the pink skybox in full and I only got to enjoy it for a little bit before I got yanked back onto the track ;w ;

being an old man and... downloading a virus.... hahahhahhHAHAH i ve l;earned nothoing

i didn't know which pin i should use to unlcok my phone and i had to get my mom to help. 😭

I don't really explore glitches much, though I do recall a time when I was playing Star Wars: The Old Republic (the mmo) pretty soon after its initial release and characters specifically as the Trooper class iirc had a bug that rendered them completely invincible if they were doing the dancing emote. This worked in pvp too. Needless to say that got fixed quickly, kinda sad because I started the game as a trooper vanguard, but it was funny nonetheless.

my chromebook keeps acting up and sometimes pressing certain keys will trigger completely unrelated functions. like i'll press the reload key and it triggers ctrl+f

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