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Cherie. · 1y

hello, eros! what's your plan for today?

Kanala. · 5 answers · 1y

kalian biasanya suka ngemil apa? :o

Naradith · 21 answers · 1y

let's say you finally got the chance to talk to the person you have a crush on. what would you start the conversation with?

Ollie. · 21 answers · 1y

Who's ready for valentine??! Kalian udah siapin hadiah apa aja nih buat orang kesayangan? 🥴

Fale · 18 answers · 1y

TL kalian sepi karena gaada base ga sih? Jadi mager on Twitter hoho T_T

Naradith · 31 answers · 1y

if you are (or were) into kpop, masih inget nggak dulu bias pertama kamu siapa?

Eizou · 34 answers · 1y

Good evening. I'm about to ask if anyone here want to exchange a follow with me on twitter? I need more friends since my timeline is very dry. If you are interested, you can answer this question with your username on twitter. Thank you.

Naradith · 35 answers · 1y

kamu kalau lagi makan harus sambil nonton nggak? biasanya nonton apa?

Ollie. · 20 answers · 1y

Petname kesukaan kalian apa? Kalo aku suka bgt dipanggil 'Kakak' 💀💀

Anonim myn · 26 answers · 1y

Hello! Good morning! Have a nice day everyoneee~ jangan lupa sarapan yah! Anyone wanna be my mootoals di twitter? Boleh bagi usn? Nanti aku follow! Sankyu~

mayiu ♡ · 60 answers · 1y

{__/} · ·̩  。  ☆
( •ω•) ෆ 。*  ~ · 。
/つ🧁 a cupcake for youu!!

good luck for today 💗

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