Arshaka Bumantara · 14 answers · 4mo

Happy Valentine's Day, pals! What gift have you gotten for Valentine's this year?

It maybe too late to answer but happy valentine's too, Arshaka! I hope you spent it with your beloved one. For last valentine's, I got myself a chocolate!

Masih jaman engga sih kalau baru mau bales .. mana gak dapet apapun. But anyway, menyebarkan kasih sayang gak harus selalu di hari val aja so selamat hari kasih sayang! ★

Happy late Valentine’s Day, Arsha! Di hari Valentine, saya malah sibuk jadi abdi negara (KPPS) jadi gak dapet kado tapi bisa DP Fortuner (minyak). What about you? Is there anything special about this Valentines?

It may be too late but Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too! Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything in particular on Val’s Day. Well, if spending time with my closest ones counts, then it was a lovely gift for me!

Happy (late) Valentine's Day, Ka! I got nothing, just a blast day with some greetings from friends!

Happy Valentine's Day, Shaka! I think the most precious gifts I have this year is the kindness and prayers people give. Blessed their hearts, and blessed yours as well! Be happy, Shaka!

Happy Valentine's Day too Shaka! I don't get anything because I'm single 🤟🏻 I just get a long day filled with busyness and fatigue...

Happy Val's day! Mungkin karena bertepatan dengan election day jadi yg didapetin kelapangan hati aja

Happy Valentine's Day for you too! Since I am solo player a.k.a single, I don't really get.. anything in particular today.

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