Nadine Alexandra Lunara.

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high.

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Curious soul · 26d

owner leeeisa ya, unamenya dijual engga ka?

Fale · 16 answers · 1mo

what do you guys do when missing someone? ☹️

Re-read our text, looking back to old photos. But if it's someone that I should forget, I might just brush it off my mind and just think about something else.

Anin. · 7 answers · 2mo

Besok udah senin aja, gak kerasa ya t___t

Curious soul · 3mo

kakak, you look skinnier <3

Curious soul · 3mo

Mau tanya dong kamu kuliah atau apanih di Jerman

Curious soul · 9mo

hai, ini yang pernah jadi gyuri di rp twt bukan ya?

Nina · 9mo

Nad!! How’s gron’s weather recently?

BAD... Like.. Windy and cold. Aku suka dingin, tapi kadang sebel juga kalau dingin karena hujan teruuus :(

MJs · 27 answers · 1y

How do you deal with anxiety?

I honestly don't know since I, myself, got anxiety too most of the time. But when that times come, I usually stay inside my room, hugging myself while inhaling and exhaling my breath. Also, try to focus on something else. Or if it is still occur, I got my medication now to lessen it. Ehe.

Hanni · 8 answers · 1y

Bagaimana kabarnya hari ini? Baik-baik saja? Adakah yang ingin diceritakan?

Abraham. · 16 answers · 1y

Good morning, Abratuals. Any plans for today?

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