Kanami asked 6 months ago · 8 answers

selamat pagii! any plans for today?

Hey there! Sorry if I took a while to reply. Hope you're having a good Monday! My plan for today is to go to the library and finish up some tasks that are almost due. It's going to be exhausting, though.

I just got back home from swimming, other than that, no. :3 What about you, Nami?

Gm! No plan for today, just resting my body and do my assignments at night.

Siang!! I don't really have plans for today tapi pengen ngelanjutin baca buku aja hihi

Pagi, hari ini siang mau kerja, malamnya mau uring-uringan sama pacar 👍🏻

good morning!! today i want to take care of some work aja sih, how about you?

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