wandering through avidya

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Jemi. asked 7 months ago · 10 answers

Happy Valentine's Day, precious ones. Remember that each of you are loved. 🤍

Adika Bhanu. asked about 1 month ago · 29 answers

Do you think 3 is enough?
4. Your mom's smile;
5. Your best friends' laugh;
6. Your little cousins, nephews, nieces that look up to you;
7. The feeling of the sun against your face;
8. Hearing the words, “I love you”;
9. The feeling you get before a holiday;
10. Birthdays;
11. Quiet late night drives;
12. Missed opportunities and adventures;
13. The feeling of lying in bed after a long work;
14. Long hot showers;
I could tell you more, but the most important is—you are worth more than what you think.

adika, thank you for such sweet message. you really have a kind heart. i hope everything goes well for you!

Aurora Wrenley ⪩⪨ asked 8 days ago · 6 answers

what’s something you got away with as a child and your parents still don’t know about?

prolly that time when i was too thirsty in the middle of ramadhan so i just like.. pushing the dispenser and open my mouth as big as i can and drink straight from that thing lmao. still the funniest thing i could remember

Adika Bhanu. asked about 1 month ago · 28 answers

3 reasons why you should stay alive:
1. You are too beautiful to disappear;
2. You are bigger than any of your problems;
3. You are never alone in this struggle.

oh, the way i want to print this and read it everyday. thank you so much for the reminder. i hope you'll always be happy!

asked about 1 month ago · 16 answers

so hows your August been so far?

Kinda sucks, ngl. Nothing works in the way I wanted but life goes on anyway 🤷‍♀️

Acha ♡‧₊˚ asked 2 months ago

Ipi apa benar...

Kazuya. asked 4 months ago · 14 answers

thoughts on kazuya?

never seen you in person but i think you're very sweet towards your mutuals!

bunnies' friend! asked 4 months ago

What's the easiest way to get into your heart?

asked 3 months ago · 9 answers

sooo, hows your tuesday?

Kanami asked 3 months ago · 8 answers

selamat pagii! any plans for today?

Siang!! I don't really have plans for today tapi pengen ngelanjutin baca buku aja hihi

Isla asked 4 months ago · 7 answers

Coba saranin makanan khas daerah kalian atau yang nggak daerah juga, tapi kalian tuh mau satu dunia tau kalau itu tuh enak BANGET?

ADA, ADA. For me it's Soto Betawi soalnya enak banget huhu. Buatku yang gak terlalu suka soto ayam, soto betawi tuh rasanya lebih deep jadi aku lebih seneng makannya heuheu.

Isla asked 4 months ago · 8 answers

Cita-cita kalian pas masih kecil apa sih? Terus, yang sekarang kalian lakuin apa masih ada hubungannya sama cita-cita itu?

Dokter! Gak ada hubungannya sama sekali sih sama yang sekarang dijalanin. Sekarang lagi fokus ke supply chain dan distribusi, dulu gak pernah kebayang milih ini sih sekarang seru-seru aja haha

asked 4 months ago

𑁍 .. At the end of the day or week or month what really matters is that you and your loved ones are safe and well, you have done your best— you are grateful for being who you are as you touch the world with your presence. Have a wonderful day, I!

This is so sweet!! Thank you so much. May the same way goes to you. Have a wonderful day! ♥︎

bunnies' friend! asked 5 months ago

໒꒰´ ˘ ` ꒱ა what are some of your favourite songs right now?

Jemi. asked 4 months ago · 5 answers

Tell me what you like about yourself.

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