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Saranin aku lagu yang cocok buat bikin AU trope enemies to lovers dong. Apa aja.

WADUH APA YA jujur jarang nemu lagu gini deh, I'll let you know kalau nemu ya Noyaaa

hewooo !! im sworry for just answering you, actually i don't know much about good songs. but someone with extensive experience gave me an idea of ​​a song that would suit it. [ The Hills — The Weeknd. ] he thought the song fit the genre of AU you want to make! hope it helps! 🤍

I don’t seem to explore much some songs for trope enemies to lovers. Tapi kayaknya yang satu ini cocok, this is like a someone who is often diusilin, tapi justru dia kebayang-bayang terus sama orang yang ngusilin itu. https://open.spotify.com/track/3Ar4cp3V0SeWXEuRelC86p?si=FOkmhbGQQGOyZruErCdquw

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