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Thoughts on Leonora, pls! 🥺

You are very kind, a total social butterfly, and someone who is loving Winter and Xiaojun that much (I hope I'm not wrong though)

You are sweet and kind! One of my favourite Winter writer on RP and I am amazed by your intelligence; learning those languages on Duo Lingo. How I wish to be as diligent as you are..

the endearing one! you can wrap someone's day and a total social butterfly as well. i oftenly saw your caption irp and i might say you write it so neat! hope we can get MUCH closer ya dd noya :3

lucu banget dari awal kenal walaupun rada chaotic sedikit! si paling bucin (not complaining) dan pokoknya seru deh kalau ngobrol sama teteh! ♡

my baby noya. you’re like a little sister to me. i forgot how we met each others but the moment i met you i knew we would get along well :] I ASPIRE TO BE AS DEDICATED AS YOU IN DOING MY DUOLINGO TBH.

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