So I unfold the paper and the written words appear. I hear the voice of him, his voice in 1984, the voice of our youth.

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Andromeda · 10 answers · 3mo

What is something (could be a quote, story, movie, book, or anything) that always successfully made you shed a tear or even bawling your eyes out?

Actually anything that have to do with super heroes, friendship and teamwork, the elderly and lonely people, and last but not least; animals. As a person who is quite sensitive and emotional, there are many small things that might easily bring me to tears.

M.I.A · 8 answers · 3mo

Tell me, people. What do you think you were made out of?

I was made by pent-up anger, and unheard words, by unexpressed longing, by endless love. I am what people don’t say but do.

Orion. · 13 answers · 5mo

Genuinely asking for those who love Durian. What makes you like it though? Is it the smell or the taste of the fruit itself?

Andrey · 11 answers · 5mo

What kind of best friend you are in a friendship?

In a group of friend, most of the time “the judger” but also “the talker”. It’s always me who doesn’t know the tea like every time the tea dropped, I’m the last to know. However, my friends will always be willing to tell me what’s going on. Too, that one friend who’s likely to listen to her friends a lot but never find a way to express her feelings properly or such. Well, if I could ever say. ;)

Orion. · 2 answers · 5mo

Quoted the line from the last book I read.

"You can tell a lot about a person from the books that they read."

Do you agree with the statement or do you not? And why?

I wholeheartedly concur. As books embody our tastes and shape our fundamental worldview, the reasons and motivations why we read some books are also quite consequential.

Vin · 6 answers · 5mo

Saran dong, yg harus ku baca duluan mending Semua Ikan Di Langit atau The Little Prince?

The Little Prince please! Speaking of which, I recommend you to read Di Tanah Lana juga setelah baca Semua Ikan Di Langit. ;)

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