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curious bean · 9h


curious bean · 4d

Kangen liat tweets Lalaaa

Emily · 3 answers · 14d

What is your ideal type of lover? Personality wise.

Someone soft-spoken, mature, and consistent since I haaaate inconsistency the most. Someone loyal, honest, and is passionate about something in their life because I find it hot that someone is so knowledgeable about certain things and is doing it with passion.

Emily · 2 answers · 15d

If you had chance to fix one relationship in the past, which one you will choose to fix?

My relationship with one of my sisters here. She was a great person but I was blinded by so many things that I took her kindness for granted. It was 6 years ago and I hope she’s living well. If there’s a chance, I’d like to show up and become a good sister to her.

Emily · 4 answers · 20d

Weekly question is coming! Tell me your favorite ice cream’s flavor since the heat is going crazy these days.

Cookies and creaaam! Can’t go wrong with the basic vanilla. Strawberry! And also MINT CHOCO.

curious bean · 26d

Happy birthday, Lala! I'm me, someone from another universe.

curious bean · 28d

Punya kucing baru?

Is this about Kuro, the cat that I posted a few weeks ago? Kuro is not mine! Itu dia lagi study tour di kamarku. I assume you know that Miki is my cat but someone else is taking care of him for now since it has been hard for me to take care of him while living alone as a corporate slave who works all day long + I felt bad for not giving him the attention that he deserved. My aunt is his current guardian so I can always visit him anytime I want. Maaf kalau jadi curhat yah, Anon. Aku kangen Miki soalnya. 🙁

Emily · 2 answers · 29d

Imagine you’re walking in a road that filled by your dreams. What kind of road is it? What makes you want to spend your afternoon walk there?

I imagined a road with cats around, some benches where I can sit and pat those cats before I continue my stroll. A road with good amount of wind and warmth. It’s going to be super lovely to walk through that road with you! 🥺

curious bean · 1mo

Happy (D-7) birthday, Lala.

Emily · 1 answer · 1mo

Question of the week: what’s your comfort food and why?

Mine tend to change a lot, depending on the weather. For now it’s cream soup! Specifically my handmade special cream soup. 🥄

curious bean · 1mo

I miss you, a lot.

Hi, anon! I appreciate your message and I’d love to reciprocate those feelings, but without knowing who you are, it’s a bit challenging. If you’re comfortable, I’d love to know who is behind this message!

curious bean · 1mo

oh and btw let me know if i can reach you out! no pressureee

curious bean · 1mo

hey yaya, it's me, someone from your past. we parted ways in good terms back in the day and since then, i haven't reached you out. i understand we can't mend things romantically, but i'm hoping we can reconnect as friends, like we were before. i apologize if this message is unexpected or uncomfortable for you.

Hi, anon. Oh I wonder who you could be. I have no problem with becoming friends with someone from the past as long as we parted ways in good terms. Just shoot me a DM!

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