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Silly little lamb · 2mo

What's your current perfumes. :3

NICE QUESTION. These days, in this heatwave, of course, my new one, HoM's Midnight Blast Psalm. Aku juga pakai yang Usual's Smells Like Nothing. Sisanya, jujur, my random samples or decant. Tapi paling sering Replica's Sailing Day. Somehow the scent is growing on me!

parasythe · 2mo

hi, Arya. what’s your favorite go-to snacks?

Evie, Jinji! Go to snacks? Truth be told, I have an unhealthy relationship with Sour Cream and Onion Pringles, keripik singkong balado (like Chuba), and these weird tomato sauce flavored sticks? Merknya Makado. One of them per week, and I will be a happy girl.

Silly little lamb · 3mo

if you could teleport to your favorite anime, film, Kdrama or series, what would you choose? 🎬

The Bear. I think the editing is so pretty they make Chicago look like it. Everything looked good and screams home, cold enough for the skin, but warm enough for the soul. So fucking ugly yet you have a sense of belonging over it. Suka sekali!!

B. · 6 answers · 3mo


Marmoris Dime · 6 answers · 4mo

Greetings, earthlings! Could you share your go-to meals or any dishes you're interested in trying? I am currently considering my Iftar options and planning dishes for Raya! Thankies.

Didi! Oh, God. Late by 6 days. Are you going to cook them on your own? Honestly for iftar I enjoy eating anything soupy so I enjoy sayur bayam bening with a side of goreng tempe. Yummers. For raya... maybe try laksa? 🤤

Waargh! Silly little lamb! Forgive me for the 4 days late reply, but I wish you had already gathered the courage to tell your miss lady about it. 

Silly little lamb · 6mo

Why did you choose the name Arya?

Silly little lamb · 6mo

How you interpret happiness lately?

I used to think that happiness meant something good that's happening to me until I met my people. I can count them with my fingers, but they are the right bunch for me. I feel warm and content when they are warm and content. I love watching them laugh; that crease at the edge of their eyes when they laugh is the best. Knowing that I made them feel good and comfortable near me is happiness. My happiness is theirs, and their happiness is mine.

Dav · 6mo

How to deal with boredom?

Hi! Funny because, now that I think of it, I don't really deal with my boredom. 💀Usually when I get sick of having nothing to do, I go out, try a new cafe, work on my job, declutter, watch Wayang Golek (that's 6 hours worth of media for you), nap, and loads of nap.

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