“Life is like a rubik’s cube. Sometimes you got to mess it up to make it better.”

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Sh. · 4 answers · 6mo

Coba place your thoughts in the answer, if there's anything you want to say to someone that you couldn't reach currently.

Hi it's me, i've been thinking 'bout u recently and i hope u're doing alright and i wanted to let u know i miss u and i hope we can talk again.

Sh. · 6 answers · 6mo

Kalau cuma boleh minum 1 minuman (selain air putih) selama kalian hidup, mau minum apa?

Sh. · 4 answers · 6mo

One song that you'll present for someone that you hold dear in your heart?

Sh. · 5 answers · 6mo

What's the one thing that you want the most currently?

Well, the one thing that i want the most currently is to be happy.
I think happiness is something that we all strive for and we all want in one way or another. I feel like once u've happiness everything else starts to follow.

Sh. · 5 answers · 6mo

Pernah kepikiran buat ganti major/profesi? Why?

Sh. · 5 answers · 6mo

What if your biggest what if came true?

I suppose if my 'what-if' came true it would change my life completely for better or for worse. I'm not sure how i would handle a different outcome from what i expected. U know 'what-if' scenarios are nice sometimes but they can also be a little worrying and unpredictable it could make our life better or worse. Who knows?

Sh. · 9 answers · 6mo

Pernah kepikiran ga gimana kalau nanti kalian jadi orang tua?

I've thought about it sometimes, but it's such a big adjustment to make and i'm not sure if i'm ready for it.

cyaa. · 6 answers · 6mo

haaaai, selamat menikmati weekend!

NyaOm! · 8 answers · 6mo

if you could make any color, what color would it be and it's name?

If i could make any colour, well it would have to be something calming but also something unique. As for the name maybe it could be "Narka". I mean, that's what it reminds me of my ex so yeah i would call it "Narka" (bukan neraka ya).

Fai · 9 answers · 6mo

What would u wish for ur ex?

Even though our time together is over, i've nothing but love and kind feelings for them, i hope they find someone who will make them really, really happy and i want nothing more for them than to be happy and for them to find love again, that's all.

Sasmita. · 8 answers · 6mo

Kalau makan bakmie, kalian makannya harus pakai centong atau mixer?

Kaivan · 13 answers · 6mo

I just change my Retro style, what do you think about my new style ?

Ruby. · 3 answers · 6mo

What do you do when you feel like crying but you can't? Like because of all the stress and pressure you're having that prevent you from crying.

I usually try to let it out, somehow. I think, it's important to let it out and to express how we feel, sometimes. So, if u need to cry and u need the release, i think crying isn't a bad thing it can be cathartic.

Sasmita. · 14 answers · 6mo

kalau beli gacoan, kalian biasanya beli yang lvl brp?

NyaOm! · 19 answers · 6mo

kamu tipe yang terang terangan kalo lagi naksir orang, apa tipe yang diem diem aja sampe crush nya jadian sama orang lain?

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