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I'm a normal person. Ask me questions and see how normal I am.


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Lemonheep · 2 answers · 3mo

Hey, everyone, just wondering: Have you heard of Aimkid? She's one of the most talented animators on the internet, in my opinion. Her artstyle is charming, and her movement is smoother than anything else I've seen. if you're now curious about her.

nano · 19 answers · 6mo

are you guys going trick or treating

Every single year I try to get my friends to have some fun but they have "jobs", they are "tired" and they "don't have money around to buy or make a costume"

nano · 20 answers · 6mo

im nano

grabbing nano by scruff of they neck
dunking nano in a big vat of pasta water (lukewarm)
throwing sopping wet nano against a wall

Potential fed · 7mo

what's your favorite band

hard question, I've narrowed it down to two but I cant pick one winner between them, so in no particular order streetlight manifesto and mischief brew

Potential fed · 11mo

let me show you how it's done
let me show you how it's done
let me show you how it's done done done done done

azumanga dot gay wowowowowowowowow · 10 answers · 11mo

anyways for a normal question best tld
my favorite is .gay

have not yet looked deep into it because I refuse to check if the domain I have in mind is available because checking if it is will make the price spike
from the ones I've seen I hope I can grab [domain idea redacted].pizza

azumanga dot gay wowowowowowowowow · 5 answers · 11mo

this might not matter at all to some or most of you but what's your favorite id tech engine
im split between the quake variant of 2, 3 and 4
the ones after 4 arent open source so they are irrelevant to me and ive seen people get 4 to basically be as good anyways

note: this is NOT about the quality of the games if it was 1, quake, and 3 ez clap
i wanna learn how to work with them all

yeah nah, I haven't played enough to have an opinion on the id tech games
my favourite feeling games are DUSK and turbo overkillbut they run UE
I do like the movement on UT99 and also assault cube if we're talking retro engines

azumanga dot gay wowowowowowowowow · 8 answers · 11mo

most threatening emoji?

How are pictures threatening? Like just walk away from the screen.
(but also 🔧 should count as actionable threats so I can 🏌️‍♂️ the 🤓 who use them on me until they're ♿ and have it count as legitimate defense)

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