Would you like to be reborn, as a witch?

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Leon Nathaneil · 2mo

Is there a thing (it could be anything btw) that you just discover but somehow it's important to you?

Yes there is. But it is so embarrassing that I don't think I can share. Aaaah. It was shocking and I was so ?? Terrified.

Jasmine. · 5 answers · 5mo

Satu lagi, deh! Boleh saranin aku moisturizer yang bagus untuk kulit yang lagi bruntusan? Terima kasih sebelumnya. 🖤

IH KAYAKNYA AKU TELAT, BABY. BUT I have been using cosrx moisturizer. I have acneprone skin and it is good on me.

Noah Reign Allerick. · 24 answers · 7mo

maaf malem-malem gini pengen ajak ngobrol. kalo kalian engga jadi manusia, kalian pengen jadi apa?

Noah Reign Allerick. · 25 answers · 7mo

hey, boleh saranin lagu yang pas didenger waktu belajar? thank you!

SZ · 5 answers · 7mo

How you cope with reality that you will never be enough for someone?
The 'someone' is you.

SZ · 8 answers · 7mo

What's your favorite pastry?
Then, give me recommendations, please

It's gotta be the most basic ones like pain au chocolat! Or chocolate croissant. Anything chocolatey for me.

SZ · 8 answers · 8mo

how's your day, guys? is it going well?

Noah Reign Allerick. · 32 answers · 8mo

minta maaf diatas materai. maaf ya guys habis re-follow, soalnya mau follow yang udah follow acc Retro ini aja. btw, kita udah followan twitter belum?

Noah Reign Allerick. · 26 answers · 8mo

good morning, guys! boleh kasih tau engga comfort food kalian apa?

Morning. I must say I love soupy and warm food as my comfort food. Iya sih general dan vague banget </3

SZ · 5 answers · 8mo

guys, do you have any recommendations for Christmas gift?

I think it depends on the person, what they like and perhaps if they have a wishlist? But I guess in general, a gift basket would be sweet, something that is useful and pretty.

Bewitched Soul · 8mo

What do you think about the Internet?

Bewitched Soul · 8mo

What would you do if you had the ability to fly?

I'd fly if I was stressed out I think. I'd love to see the sunset and sunrise. And I will be using any other transportation less, for sure.

Bewitched Soul · 8mo

Can you ski?

I can't as in I don't have the abily and the availability. No snow here, man. But I would love to try.

Bewitched Soul · 8mo

What is one thing you would like to become better at?

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