𝑬, Madelaine. · 34 answers · 8mo

Anything interesting you’ve watched lately? I need some recommendations. Thank you! 🤍🎐

lately i've been watching an anime called "Death Mount Dead Play" and a series called "Legacies"

I've been watching the One Piece anime and a K-drama called Destined With You lately

It's Insidious Chapter 5 for horror section, and currently Under The Queen's Umbrella on Netflix. Heartstopper already launched the S2 and carved smile in my face at every episode.

A korean drama called Cheer Up, if you liked a youthful story line, that might fit your likings. The drama is very light and cheerfulㅡthough there are dark scenes too, but it’s bearable for me.

I've been watching lots lately. If you fancy anime, you might want to try Jujutsu Kaise S2! Or One Piece LA.

currently i'm rewatch some anime, like naruto, tensura, or some of old cartoon like Scooby-Doo, and else.

Hmm.. I watched Past Lives before. And it's sad romantic...? It's more slow-pace story. Simple but somehow relatable. I recommend you to watch it!

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