‘ kaila ! ఇ asked 10 months ago · 8 answers

hi :3 mind to tell me your honest thoughts on me? hehe (mupeng) 😁

You're an easygoing person, I guess. That's also cool because you bring the positive vibes.

Halo Kaila! Kita belum akrab sih, but I see you as a good person! Ayo kita kenalan, so I can get to know you closer.

sangat sangat friendly, lucu, care, and full of love! >o< tapi tapi tapi lala juga harus care sama diri sendiri! tidaa bole skip mam, harus tidur yang cukup, dan stop jadi budak organisasi! ✋ heheh

timakaci lala sudah mau temenan sama aku! ailobyu! 🙀💗 mwah mwah!

Actually, I don't know you that well {yet}. But based on my first impression, you looks so cute and super friendly. Charming and a person who full od excitement. Am I right, or nah?

@tokidokiu Teh aii ini bisa jadi bff, cabat, bestie, teteh. Always jbjb me, ramah, care abiiiiizzzz. Lucu. Please be happy ya teh ai, and thank you for caring about me. <3 🥺🥺 If u need someone to talk, u can come to me!!

YOUR VIBES ARE VV AESTHETIC! i love itttt. kamu lucu juga!

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