Crafti asked 4 months ago · 9 answers

have you reached your ideal dream life? if not, how does it look like?

I didn't reached - it's just cuddling with loved ones and having nothing to worry about.

no, as I am not living alone maintaining a radio telescope array outside the orbit of neptune

Not yet! I guess my dream life would be having some form of passive income so I could work less and explore more.

no. the most important part would be that I'd have a meltcat body, and right now I'm stuck with a human body that's not even the right gender.

absolutely not but I'm not entirely sure what it would look like... I just want my responsibilities to stay at a reasonable, less crushing level.

no and .. not sure on a grand scale, as it would probably depend on the stage in life I'm at. An ideal current life for me would me, well, you know being in an environment where I know I have the freedom to properly express myself without fear of being judged, having friends IRL I actually have fun hanging out with (btw that implies ideally going to raves and such huehuehue). And being able to make a decent living off something I actually consider moral and beneficial and also find fun enough. There's a chance once I get older in the further future I'd enjoy the house life, taking care of a little garden and stuff like that.

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