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Jacky asked 5 days ago · 11 answers

where did you bury the treasure? 🔫

Anonymous Coward asked 4 days ago

what bike should i start with

Can't go wrong with a cute little 4-stroke 250cc; pick one that suits your needs. The CB250 is very versatile, the XT250 is lightweight and well-suited to trails, relaxed sports bikes like the ZZR250 are nice for touring... Only thing I'd advise against is really ... "aggressive" sport bikes, unless you're racing you might as well get one that's more comfortable because the performance won't differ much.

Anonymous Coward asked 13 days ago

How are you so cute friend?

A winning personality combined with scoring well in the genetic lottery and a whole lot of effort.

If you want anything more specific I can probably go into more detail, though.

Puniko asked about 1 month ago · 20 answers

how many blobcats does jain need?

how many blob cats would a blob cat blob if blob cats could blob cat

Anonymous Coward asked 30 days ago

Is that your bike in the image?

Yup yup, my beautiful 2007 ZZR 250, which Kawasaki will claim doesn't exist.

Crafti asked about 1 month ago · 9 answers

have you reached your ideal dream life? if not, how does it look like?

no, as I am not living alone maintaining a radio telescope array outside the orbit of neptune

Puniko asked 2 months ago · 22 answers

if you could take one game to a lonely island, which one would you take?

Jacky asked 2 months ago · 13 answers

why are they asking questions without profit incentive?

For the betterment of themselves and society as a whole, of course.

Anonymous Coward asked 3 months ago

Do you suffer from subsidence?

desea asked 4 months ago · 21 answers

how big would you make your witch hat if you had everything you need to make one

the bigger the hat the better the witch right?

in that case I will use all the material in the universe to make a witch hat

desea asked 4 months ago · 15 answers

What if i melted the screws that occasionally fall off me and fed them to you like a slushie

I would die (my digestive system is not rated to ingest materials in the range of 1300-1500 degrees

~lucidiot asked 4 months ago · 15 answers

If you could change which liquid the oceans are made of, what would you pick?

Carbon dioxide, we'd get to speedrun terraforming Venus but at home

desea asked 4 months ago · 23 answers

what tech thing are you least good at that youve tried before

crimping/terminating ethernet cables, apparently :blobcatdead:

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