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What does "come home" mean to you?

It means coming back after being a tireless wanderer, and at some point you just have a nature alarm to go back there, to a place where you can be yourself. No touch-up, no impressing anybody else but yourself, no pretending, no hiding; just you existing as you are, and you are comfortable being who you are there. That's home.

Pulang ke rumah. Pulang ke tempat paling aman dan nyaman, pulang yang bikin kita tentram di dalamnya, pulang untuk melepas penat dan beristirahat. Rumah di sini bukan cuma bangunan. Tapi, memiliki seseorang yang dicintai dan disayangi juga rumah. Dimana ketika bersamanya akan bahagia. Gitu.

coming to the right house, where i can feel comfortable and safe without having to think about anything that could hurt me again.

Coming home simply implies returning home, although the concept of “home” is a very broad one. We can fully be ourselves at home since it is a safe sanctuary and a comfortable place. It could also be a person with whom you have a strong sense of security. All in all, it is a phrase that conveys the feeling that anything you have lost or left will likely be recovered.

Being with someone that can make you comfort and live peacefully together. ✨

A good question. For me, 'come home' means when I feel safe and comfortable. It can be a person or a place. When the world goes silence and bringing us serene in a way like words never could, then at that moment all the burdens that I feel slowly fade away.

coming home to me is a routine that is always done every day, where when we leave we automatically have to come back later. back to where we should be to rest and just drink a cup of hot tea with loved ones 🤍

when i return and get comfortable afterwards, i can say come home when all the burdens that i feel slowly fade away when i enter the door of my 'home'

I think "come home" is the moment where I'm in my safest place and I can finally be who I trully am.

Definitely a comfort zone, the one you always belong to, the one you always looking for when you think of warmth, safety, and solace. It can be a person or a place you can always trust in your life.

mm.. perhaps a comfortable & safe place where i can learn to embrace myself? the place that would be our destination to take a rest after the difficult moments 🏠🌷

Curling myself up against my significant one's embrace while we talk about, like, everything that comes up to our mind?

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