A reader who devout himself for the Truth.

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Metaphysics, multidimensional, cross-reality insanity.


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Petra. · 2 answers · 8d

How’s life so far!

Petra. · 7 answers · 3mo

Is there any interesting thing happened to you in March?

Diana. ♡ · 5mo

Let’s go on a date! Me, you, and Elen. We can watch scary movies until midnight comes ✨

Sure, let's do that. I like scary movies. We can ask your person of interests to join the movie date as well too!!

Petra. · 5mo

:3 i will tail you to death...

One Curious Soul · 5mo

Apa ya...

One Curious Soul · 7mo

If one built a violin of planck length, could one play music into another universe?

Pretty sure this is a pun question, but my answer is if you intended your music to be heard into another universe, I'm sure someone will heard so. Isn't that's why sometimes we have random music playing in our mind?

One Curious Soul · 11mo

you're an amazing person.

I am not sure which version of me have you met, on which days too, or what made you said so. But from my deepest heart, I thank you. I am sure you are an amazing person too.

Petra. · 4 answers · 11mo

3 hari berlalu tanpa suara kurir paket bilang “Pakeeet...” hampa hidupku...

One Curious Soul · 12mo

bapak sayang aku nggak. (🐱)

One Curious Soul · 12mo

kak ditya menurut aku, suguru anak hukum obsesi bahas keadilan but in a bad way kaya di manga (dy mw ratain non jujutsu karena sorcerer diperlukan gk adil dgn cara brutal) MAAF KATA KATANYA RIBET, terus Satoru anak entertainment banget lah yg suka sorotan gitu 🙏

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