A flower that never blooms will neither scatter nor wilt, but will merely keep on waiting for tomorrow.

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Abel · 3 answers · 1mo

Guys saran lagu yang gak sedih dong

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

Hi… do you have set your eyes on someone right now? I kinda want to know you with intention pdkt… if you let me. (Maaf cupu lewat retro)

If you’re asking if I’m attracted to someone right now, the answer is biar Allah yang jawab. But I wouldn’t say I’m looking for something serious. What do you think you'd need to know about me before you're sure you want to pursue this?

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

infokan form fwa milik arkiel. minat isi.

Udah nggak buat begitu, Sender. Udah keburu lemes juga buatnya. Tapi barangkali form FWA kemarin (udah lama juga) pernah kamu isi, awas keisi dua kali.

Petra. · 7 answers · 3mo

Is there any interesting thing happened to you in March?

There are many interesting things that have happened this March, so much that it is hard to pick just one thing. Tapi salah satunya bisa nikmatin hari-hari dan makan enak.

Saku · 5 answers · 3mo
Weekly_Saku_Ask (ganti nama programnya)

sebutkan alasan yang bisa bikin kalian keluar dari penjara kalau seandainya kalian dipenjara karena kriminal

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

Hey there, it's been a while but I wanted to see how you're doing. I've been thinking about you recently and I hope you're doing well. Just wanted to say I truly hope you're happy with where your life is now and that you're doing good I'm here if you ever need a friend and I'm always rooting for you. Take care.

I really appreciate your concern and your kindness. This means a lot to me and it's heartwarming to know that someone still care about me. Right now, I'm doing okay. Yeah, things have been going great for me lately, like you said. It's been a tough few days but I've learned and grown a lot. Thank you again for taking the time to check up on me, it means a lot.

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

Kucingku aku mampir. 🤏🏻

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

Gorgeous Arkiel. :3

I wasn't expecting such a thoughtful compliment. Thank you, Sender, for your generous and heartfelt appreciation.

Vier. · 10 answers · 3mo

Saran menu buka puasa yang anti-mainstream dong.

Jangan makan yang aneh-aneh. Makan sama ayam dan sayur, gimana? Manisannya jangan lupa.

Ravindra M. · 3mo

YAYAH. Ini retro baru Ravi, mau followan lagi kalau boleh? 😞💔

Ngakak, dd. Yayah baru aja mau follow. Boleh banget! Semoga yang ini aman dan diinget terus.

Ravindra · 7 answers · 4mo

Spill tipe ideal dong. Siapa tau ada mutual kalian yang suka dan pengen mepet kalian dengan cara memaksakan diri jiakh.

Ravindra · 7 answers · 5mo

Comfort food kalian apa? (Bertanya dalam rangka mencari inspirasi makan malam)

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