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What is your dream? What's something that keeps you going through life?

my dream? I don't know honestly.. I want to live my life to the fullest! <3 and be happy.

Be a good person and be yourself with positive energy for the surrounding environment. My dream is simple, I want to live life as humans enjoy life in the world.

My goal is to be useful to the people around me, I don't know why I feel happy when I help people

My dream.. I was never really think about it but lately I’ve been wishing to live peacefully. I keep going through life because of the people I have, I appreciate them a lot and that’s why I stay.

My dreams are many and big, maybe it sounds surprising but I want to achieve them according to God's will. I want to be a CEO or have a position in a company, work abroad, go to Disneyland. I'll be excited, work hard, and pray while I pursue that desire.

Be successful then have a lot of money, travel the world and having fun, because everything has not been achieved, that's why I going through life :)

jadi dosen sastra & keliling dunia, pertanyaan kedua masih dipikirin apa alasannya t__t

idk, i just want to live life to the fullest 💗 people around me are the ones who keep me going

Klise tapi mau selalu bahagia dan membawa kebahagiaan bagi siapa saja yang kenal saya (Amen).

i wanna make my parent proud of my ofc something that keeps me going through life are them

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