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Anon · 10mo

Thoughts on Kai?

Been friends with teteh Kai for.. around 4 years? And still you are a very fun and chatty person (in a good way), teteh. Might seem intimidating from the outside, tapi aslinya baik BANGET dan enak diajak curhat dan cerita random. Awal Juli main, gas?

Aletheia Jane · 9 answers · 10mo

Thoughts on Aletha?

Alet, a good friend of mine! Sejak main bareng di Lakesbox belom ngobrol lagi yang banyak ya, but I find you very friendly, fun, and thoughtful. It's nice to see you treat your friends with kindness and lots of care. It's nice to have you around, Alet!

Kalen. · 6 answers · 11mo

Kenapa bioskop tayangnya film?

Lily. ♡̴ · 14 answers · 11mo

Saran kegiatan libur panjang dong, yang jawab pacaran gw unfriend

WKWKWK BARU MAU JAWAB PACARAN. 😆 Saran gw bikin list one day one movie atau workout atau apapun itu keknya seru dakh. Atau jalan-jalan sendiri atau sama temen sambil bikin vlog.

Anon · 12mo

What if someone who hurt you in the past comes back and feels guilty for what they did to you. Would you like to return to a state where you were before and forget about that mistake?

No. Forgiving is easy but forgetting isn't. Let them be guilty, it's what they should feel after hurting me anyway, no? All I want is just to focus on the present and not the past. So no, I'll just stay in the current state.

mago · 6 answers · 12mo

dah senin lg aja najis kalender goblok

TELAT SEMINGGU WAKAKA TAPI MOOD BGT MAGO. Kalender goblok indeed udah senin aja. -,-

Frederick B. Dallas · 12mo

Salam dulu sama pemirsa, Den.

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