Immortal to the mayfly but fleeting to rest of things without a heartbeat: the moon, the star, and the forest.

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MoYe · 10 answers · 11mo

Kamu suka malu gak sih kalau ngobrol sama orang baru apa stranger gitu? Apa pengen ngompol tiba tiba?

Malu sih enggak yaa. Cuman bingung kalau mau mulai percakapan gimana. Tapi gue sendiri sih seneng-seneng aja sambil basa-basi :p

MoYe · 7 answers · 11mo

Guys buku apa yang paling nggak harus dibaca once in lifetime alias aku perlu bacaan [galau]

Karicia. · 23 answers · 11mo

is anybody like one direction / a directioner? would you like to tell me what your fav song from them?

ME, HELLO! is it too much to say i like every song of 'em..? couldn't choose one omg :(like y know, every song is a masterpiece itself..

Hideo. · 11mo

I love you soooooooo much.

Hideo. · 11mo

Kenapa pacarku lucu banget?

Hideo. · 11mo

Kenapa pacarky cantik?

𝐊𝐄𝐍𝐙𝐎 · 26 answers · 11mo

Have you ever had someone you admire where every time they are around you feel so happy, when you see them wither you have the urge to support them maybe even anonymously. But on the other hand you are just comfortable with it, without going further to own it.

Not really, when i admire someone, i really want them to know how i feel, and owning them (if they're single). Different case if someone i admire is having a lover, yea.

MoYe · 8 answers · 12mo

Siapa yang sudah jadi korban album speak now tv coba berbaris bersama ☝🏻😄

Anonymous Coward · 12mo

hello, good person! just wanna remind you that you've been doing very well in everything. take care, and have an amazing day :) 💫💛

Thank you so much for your warmth words sendernim. Hope the same thing goes to you as well. 🩷

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