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Have you ever improvised or put your own spin on a meal and had it be a big hit? (Either with others or yourself)

If so, what was it?
If not, if you knew a meal would turn out edible, what kind of meal would you create? What sort of flavors would you like to see mixed together?

There was a day where a friend from my girlfriend's high school days wanted to visit and hang out. He works at a pizza place with a 50% employee discount and wanted to treat us to a big old pizza night.

The morning of, he told us he wouldn't be making it that day.

I remember freezer diving for a pack of ground beef and digging into the pantry for canned beans and I went on to make chili in the Instant Pot. I even did another batch in another pot that had tofu instead of beef for the one vegetarian in the house. It was good enough that it washed away all the disappointment of not getting pizza!

Here's the recipe I used!

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