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Have you ever improvised or put your own spin on a meal and had it be a big hit? (Either with others or yourself)

If so, what was it?
If not, if you knew a meal would turn out edible, what kind of meal would you create? What sort of flavors would you like to see mixed together?

idk how uncommon this is but I've been making a salad of tuna and green onion and spinach.. but I did other veggies too. apparently it goes well for a salad

I think the only time this ever really happened is with peanut butter and herbs de provence, something I definitely haven't been harassing you about recently :P

Most of my cooking really only consists in heating things up, not really trying a recipe or even just considering mixing some ingredients together to see how it goes, because cooking is always a big struggle for me, so making my own interesting meal is an exceptional event lol

Yeah! I sometimes recook leftovers (I dislike steamed veggies, so I pass them on the pan with some oil and seasoning), or mix leftovers into a sandwich, salad, etc. Fun stuff to remix in general

I truly believe that korean style shredded beef mixed with butter chicken curry served on rice with a side of veggies and garlic naan would taste like heaven I just gotta try

I don't cook often, though I do like putting a little extra vanilla into french toast

Not really, but a few years ago, my local mall had a hot dog place where they would come up with the weirdest hot dogs.. one had spaghetti and mozzarella sticks with pasta sauce on the dog.

Yes, I'm serious.

My signature meal is spaghetti with a whole jar of pesto thrown in with the spaghetti sauce. I love it, my family loves it, and one time I made it for my girlfriend and her mom in Norway, and her mom said that it was what spaghetti should really taste like. Sometimes instead of normal pesto I use sundried tomato pesto (I used green pesto in Norway). In both cases I use Classico brand pesto, it's my favorite. I couldn't use Classico in Norway, though, since they didn't have it.

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