Allanoire Luther

there is no need to cast a spell because he is everyone's loveliest heartthrob!

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Solace asked 9 months ago · 3 answers

Do you think it’s possible to find someone who will accept every of your condition including the ugliest one?

Solace asked 9 months ago · 5 answers

In a room full of people, who will be by your side?

I'll always stick with people I'm the most comfortable with.

Curious Muffins asked 9 months ago

been a while since the last time we talked, how's life allan?

Hello, I'm living my life well lately. I will be entering a new semester soon, please wish me the best so I can get through this semester :c also, please don't hesitate to knock on my dm and let's talk again!

Solace asked 9 months ago · 4 answers

What did you grab for breakfast?

Solace asked 10 months ago · 6 answers

Something you really want to say to someone but you can no longer reach them?

Killian asked 10 months ago · 10 answers

Is there any heartbreak song that you will always listen to even though you are not currently facing the same situation? And why?

Still With You by Jungkook, everything about this song from the lyrics (which I can relate to it) to the melody sounds so beautiful yet sad.

Solace asked 10 months ago · 4 answers

Any ideas on how to spend your weekend?

Lately I spend a lot of my weekends out attending a full day events with friends and I love it!

Solace asked 10 months ago · 5 answers

Do you guys have a pet that you love (or loved) so much?

Yes. My last cat before my family decided to stop keeping pets, an orange cat which i usually call Gendut or Ndut and my white-beige hamster which I adopted as a rebellion because they forbid me to have any cat again, named Zee! Sadly, they have all gone home to a better place. But I actually love all of my cats, starting from the very first one I have 🤍

Killian asked 10 months ago · 9 answers

How long does it usually take to realize that you are currently in love with someone, and what makes you come to that realization?

I feel like something like this can't be counted with exact time, but I'll figure it out once I'm constantly curious about what they're up to, want to spend more time with them, and feel butterflies in my stomach when I see their names show up in my notifications.

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