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Is there any heartbreak song that you will always listen to even though you are not currently facing the same situation? And why?

One Shot by PM :/ Hurts me in a way no song could do and I have been having it on repeat for like.. 3 years..?

I tend to not listen to any heartbreak song, because it makes me sad and feels like something bad will be happen asap (bad thought).

Still With You by Jungkook, everything about this song from the lyrics (which I can relate to it) to the melody sounds so beautiful yet sad.

it's not really a heartbreak song since the singer is also a jerk but Salah by Potret!

0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)!!! just because… it sounds so desperate and helpless, the lyrics are also very poetic and it will remain artistic to me—despite of never being heartbroken exactly that way. kang taehyun’ vocals rock!!!

Saturday sunset we’re lying on my bed with five hours to go, I’ll still listen to this even when I’m happy with someone inside my arms. I will never grow out of Ocean and Engines by Niki.

aku suka dengar interaksi au yaa suka aja ibadah interaksi setiap hariií

honestly, I'm not the type of person who pays attention a lot to a song lyric. if I like the music, then I like it whatever the lyric says. so when I unfortunately get my heart broken, I pick anything that 'sounds' broken even if it doesn't suit the situation. my favorite one is I would by day6 (actually they have A LOT of extremely painful songs). check them out. or else they have songs called I need somebody, letting go, and afraid. those are dope as well.

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