Killian asked 7 months ago

How long does it usually take to realize that you are currently in love with someone, and what makes you come to that realization?


How long does it usually take to realize that you are currently in love with someone, and what makes you come to that realization?

well.. never counted in before, but as long as I remember, it would take 4-5 weeks? I realized it when I started to smiled for his simple text or waiting for the day we can go out together.

i think i can process that feeling for 3-4 weeks? what makes someone realize they're in love can also be unique to the individual. some common factors that may contribute to this realization include feeling a strong emotional connection with the other person, having a deep sense of affection, caring for them, constantly thinking about them, wanting to spend as much time with them as possible. additionally, physical attraction, shared values and interests, a feeling of mutual support and understanding can also play a role in realizing that i'm in love.

You are talking to a noob… I have no idea how do I notice I fell for this person.

instantly. when i'm crying over the good time i've been spending with them. or when i'm crying over how much i adore them. well ... when i cry over them in a good way

i don't know exactly how long it took, because everything went according to the plot and without realizing it i fell in love with him?

I feel like something like this can't be counted with exact time, but I'll figure it out once I'm constantly curious about what they're up to, want to spend more time with them, and feel butterflies in my stomach when I see their names show up in my notifications.

mmm gatau deh, ngalir aja kalau waktunya mah. tapi kalau akhirnya tau kalau aku jatuh cinta biasanya bakal ngerasa kek butuh banget sama doi, merasa kesepian gaada doi, terus kek ngerasa doi gak boleh sakit atau sedih, terus kek seneng aja gitu disamping doi.

for me, it happened even before i realize, so it’s… pretty indefinite. sometimes it took me just a few seconds, some other times it took me months, even later. it’s only sure when i find myself constantly think of them, want to check up on them, and be curious about them. something that helps me come to a realization of that is mostly… the conversation we exchange. through conversation, i could always see how vast and diverse one’s mind is, i could even see their perspective of me, and i could see how they care for themselves. i think that’s what makes me sure that i’m in love.

2 weeks, I guess? I realized it when I started waiting and felt excited when there was a notification from them.

actually, I never counted how long it was before I realized it. all I know is when I'm with him/her, I feel happy. I feel comfortable around him/her, also I always excited to get up in the morning just to spend another day with him/her

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