He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.

Outlane, England
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Cherie. asked 2 months ago · 7 answers

what's your favorite song to hear recently?

Anonymous asked 3 months ago

hello, killian. one of my friend introduce you to me. however, i still donut have any courage to directly approach you. hence, may i communicate with you through retrospring? the initial of my identity goes with E.

Evening to you, E. There's no need to be hesitant as I for sure will gladly welcome you as my new friend. But, if you wish for so, let's just communicate through this site, then. You are truly free to send me some whenever you are up, and are free as well to come through my direct message when you feel like it. I'm looking forward to chatting with you, E. May you have a good day!

Harvey Galliard asked 3 months ago · 8 answers

What’s your favorite TV show? Sekalian mau minta saran tontonan juga.

Amabie Lecter-Graham asked 3 months ago · 10 answers

What is one love song that you will share to your s/o or future s/o?

Phoebe. asked 3 months ago · 21 answers

HTS is fun! Agree/no?

Anonymous asked 3 months ago

What if mantan lo putusin lo karena terlalu fokus sama RP nya.

Aduh. Never been there before jadi nggak tau mau bilang apa. But if I were in that position, I would have been the first to initiate the breakup.

Anonymous asked 3 months ago

Make it hurts edition— are you still think about them?

Kienne asked 4 months ago

Gk mau klah, thoughts on Ellard dong 🫵🏻

Traitor. Gue masih ingat banget (gak bakal lupa) waktu sesi Backburner-ing on loop sama beliau. I thought we were BFF ternyata seminggu kemudian dia jadian tai. Sama Ellard nih kalau chat gak pernah beres. Morat-marit, pernah hampir sebulan gak DM-an, tiba-tiba ngirim link TikTok yang konyol anjir. EMANG KONYOL ANAKNYA.

Anonymous asked 4 months ago

Thoughts on thea dong maaf FOMO

I still remember when we first talked to each other. I truly appreciate and respect you as you are being one of the bravest people I know. Theya rewel banget (in positive way), mungkin karena itu anaknya lumayan atentif. I am beyond glad to be able to know you.

Anonymous asked 4 months ago

nilai lagu ini dari 1-10

This actually is my very first time hearing about them and their song. Caught my ears in the first try. 9 out of 10 it is, then. Thank you for sending it to me, Anon!

Anonymous asked 4 months ago

thought on khaile gamers ganteng idaman

phobetors asked 4 months ago

Thoughts on Callan

I don't know a lot about you yet, and I would really love to get to know you better, Callan. The first thing popped up in my head is that you are so ... you. Everything you did, be it the smallest one, showed who you actually are—which I found very captivating. You master the skills of being both funny and attractive at the same time, and I envy you for that. Let's get along well and be closer to each other, Callan.

Rashi asked 4 months ago

thoughts on nyoel!! (ikut-ikutan jociw)

My fellow Backburnerngitis (akut). I truly enjoy your company and am glad we are good friends! Nyoel is one of those I want to keep and be forever with as I really cherish both their existence and kindness. I hope you heal from whatever your past has put you through, one day you will shine and I will continously watch you grow. Kapan-kapan kita nonton India ya, Cil.

Anonymous asked 4 months ago

thoughts on joci!

Joci, anak ayah, I wasn't really attentive at our first meeting but happy to know that we are getting closer to each other as time goes by. Apa ya, buat ayah, Joci atentif banget, a good listener, absolutely. The one who is willing to deal with my sebulan-sekali-bales-chat trait and never complained about that. Joci juga mau-mau aja ladenin ayah kalau lagi bucinin Ningning. Sayang mamim, kan? Putting it aside, I hope you are surrounded by tons of love and hope it is enough to convince you that you are precious. I value and cherish you very much, Josiah. Happy terus ya, anak ayah.

Gracia asked 4 months ago

hi killian, maaf kalau tiba-tiba ngisi retronya. tapi aku kaya tau kamu, mirip temen lamaku. tapi aku takut salah orang juga sih

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