i’ve been married a long time ago

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duckie · 13d

Why you choose to be single

duckie · 13d

Women sucks.

duckie · 16d

Dont you realize most of your following are mdni user???

emerie · 15 answers · 27d

Suka lagu lagu sal priadi gak

blondgum · 5 answers · 25d

Please drop ur opinion abt me <3 I would love to know!!

you seem like a sweet-cool person and you seem very passionate. very interesting and i feel like you have a lot to say (like your opinions and stuff). you also seem super chill and fun + like you have a good sense of humour ++ the type of person to get really excited about stuff that you’re interested in. (in very calm and 🤙🤙 tone) i demand you to have more interactions with me. :) <3

J · 9 answers · 25d

Saran kegiatan pas bosen selain main game sama nonton dong T____T

if i get tired of games and movies, i'll just sit down and finally start reading that book i've been neglecting for who knows how long. i think you should try that one as well.. or just take a long ass nap

Aletheia Jane · 11 answers · 26d

Drop your best read. (I might need some new references for my next list)

Zels · 12 answers · 28d

random one but what fictional characters you might associate with me?

duckie · 1mo

What was the last song you listened to on repeat?

★rev! [cingjo] · 1mo

hi nat, im followin u 🧍‍♀️ if u dont mind, btw whats ur halfblood camp cabin?

totally fine. and oh, mine is cabin 13 bc i can summon the deads (inc myself) /j

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