Thursday’s Child

Take everything slowly on yourself because Polaris never leave you under its guide.

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Runaway beyond the space together.


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Chantal · 1y

please always stay hydrated and take some of the best rest you deserve after a long tiring day. eat well, sleep well, and do things that make you happy. there are lot of leftovers things behind but i would like you to know here, just by now, i am elated to have you in my life until today. may you akways surrounded by His endless love and happiness, bear brother. 🐻❤️

Thank you for giving me such a sweet warm message that I will always remember, dear bear sister. I'm still trying to look for the good things in this world and start eating well. And even though I'm rarely seen here, I'm doing good, so I hope my sister will do the same. You should also eat and live well for yourself. Remember you have many people who love you, so always be happy! 🐻💙

Sigrid · 1y

List the tracks from TXT's new album from your favorite to least favorite!

It's a very difficult because the tracks on this album are really my taste. But here we go:
1. Farewell, Neverland
2. Devil by the Window
3. Sugar Rush Ride
4. Happy Fools
5. Tinnitus

Mr. Bear’s little guest · 1y

hi darren, i've been in the same ca with you two times and i'm always impressed whenever you poured your feelings in ca's retro session because it seems like you're very sincere about loving someone and it makes me understand to appreciate my boyfriend and our relationship more because of you. i'd like to hear more so hopefully we'll be in the same agency again next time! ♥️

Thank you so much, dear my secret guest, you've touched me with this message because I didn't expect that someone would notice how I answered the question in retro session haha. Honestly it was an answer that I gave based on something that I have felt or experienced in my relationship, so I was just trying to help some people who were confused. But on the other hand, I hope I can also help them find a solution about their feelings or relationship. I hope you and your boyfriend will longlast. I'd love to join same CA with you again, so please talk to me more on daily basis!

Katie · 8 answers · 1y

Valentine’s day is coming up, do you have anyone you were hoping to spend it with?

If I say I want to spend my time with my girlfriend, does that mean that Valentine's Day isn't special anymore because I already do it everyday? Maybe I'll give her more time and attention like watching a movie together or something, and hopefully she knows this.

Mr. Bear’s little guest · 1y

Darren, kok bisa sebucin itu sama pacarnya tolong tips dong

Gak ada tips! As long as you fall in love with the right person at the right time, you will complement each other alias bucin dengan sendirinya. I love my Katelyn sincerely, so all I want every day is for my girlfriend to know how much I value her presence and all she does, whether in secret or in public. And if you keep doing that, as time goes on, you will be made to fall in love every day without knowing it, and if you can learn to accept each other's imperfections, it will make your relationship even stronger.

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