Katie · 8 answers · 1y

Valentine’s day is coming up, do you have anyone you were hoping to spend it with?

i am not sure but maybe i would go for some movie date in cinema! (ant-man on 15th, just one day apart) 🍿

Of course, I do!! I'm spending this valentine's with my boyfriend again. Hehehehehehe, however, I do want to spend this valentine's with all my friends as well. >_<

If I say I want to spend my time with my girlfriend, does that mean that Valentine's Day isn't special anymore because I already do it everyday? Maybe I'll give her more time and attention like watching a movie together or something, and hopefully she knows this.

it arrives on Tue so unfortunately i’ll be spending it alone. i hate the fact that February is our month yet i got transferred into another area of work when we used to meet every single day. now we can only see each other on weekends. ☹️

Girlfriend, of course. I really wish I can spend a full day in valentine day with her, but yeah instead of hoping I'll just enjoying what I already have and feel now.

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