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Jane · 9 answers · 3mo

Pass me one thing that pops up in your mind if I ask best movie you have watched, or best book you have read, or best song you have listened to. Anything, please!! (I’m deadly curious)

leticia ◡̈ ⑅ · 5mo

rekomendasi lagu galau!!!

Tak Kan Pernah Ada - Geisha, enough for you - Olivia Rodrigo, Kota - Dere, i’d call you but i can’t - Carneyval, all the lonely nights in your life, Outer Space / Carry On - 5SOS

leticia ◡̈ ⑅ · 11 answers · 5mo

dear leticia…

Dear Leticia, how’s today treating you so far? Did any inconvenience happen or the day spoke much softer?

leticia ◡̈ ⑅ · 9 answers · 5mo

hey, how was today? happy gak?

Hey, today was so-so. I was gleeful in the morning because I went to a temple with my friends, laughter spent much, moreover blessed, then I bought meals to home to eat with my mom. To put it simple, I’m happy! Thank you for inquiring

Ocean · 5mo

isa dibalik jadi ɐsı̣

Milo · 3 answers · 5mo

well, new year's eve isn't here yet, but I do hope happiness will always find its way to you, angels. may the world treat you kinder than it did this year, and may every wish of yours come true! ♡ also, please remember that you are made to be loved, and it will stay that way, forever.

Loveliest package that came to me in this week, thank you, Teteh! Sincerely hoping that the entire kind wishes will get its back to you as well. You are made of sunrises that everyone willingly to await and always hope for 🤞🏻

Naraya. · 4 answers · 5mo

Mind to tell any unforgettable memories of Christmas and/or NYE?

𓂃 ོ𓂃 · 4 answers · 5mo

current heavy rotation?

Faithful mate · 5mo

Makanan makanan apa yang suka dikasihanin

Avary Keenara R. · 5mo

Thoughts on me

Really affable, sociable, easy to get along, whatever sentences to depict it. Tapi beneran ramah and it’s still shocked me (in a good tone) the way you texted me first that day just to befriend me that everyone else barely even did. Would surely love to continue the conversation with you

Faithful mate · 5mo


Sansa · 5mo

Isa, kalau online boleh minta tolong DM-in pacar aku (Milan) terus minta tolong dia buka Retrospring nggak...? Ini aku nggak bisa buka socmed apa pun kecuali Retro please tolong kasih tahu, ya... I know it sounds goofy but it really is happening jangan tanya kenapa bisa soalnya aku juga bingung. Makasiih maaf ngerepotin...

Maaf maaf maaf for being too late aku baru check retro.. but I’ve sent to your boyfriend right away once I saw this. Hope the error can quit quickly and kamu gak ngerepotin sama sekali I’d love to help!

Sansa · 5mo

Is this the Isaiah that I know?

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