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happy friday everyone! would you mind telling me one thing you are grateful for this week? much love x

Ini udah 8 hari yang lalu i'll just answer it pake jawaban minggu ini ya? I feel grateful when i can do little dancey dancey as i walk and listen to hype music feels like i loosen up

To be fair, I'm answering this on a Friday as well. I'm grateful for the road trips I'm taking this week. It keeps me sane. Thank you for asking this question, Meia.

Halo! Last Friday, I was so happy that I was finally able to go home. I miss my parents and my cats!

Happy Saturday, and I apologize for the delayed response. I'm grateful that Park Jeongwoo has already graduated.

schedule got a bit tooooo busy with teamworks and personal task terus am very grateful karena everyone are still trying to respect my personal unbothered timessss when i need one

my friends! all of them from the new one, old one, the one i consider as my family. my heart is full ♥️

Sebenernya minggu ini isi kepala penuh banget sama satu hal dan itu bikin aku sedih terus terusan, aktivitas ngga terganggu sih tapi emang selalu nyelip aja nih pikiran, dan ini ngga enaaakkk. Tapi bersyukur karena aku masih stay sane in this situation.

Nggak one thing boleh? Finishing another blok (sujud), back to the hometown and I had been craving for brengkes & pindang dari lama bgttt finally makan the og!!!

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