Nathan. · 8 answers · 12mo

Hello, new friends. Could I ask for a song recommendation? Thank you!

Call Me by Rainlord and keshi, Jane by LAUNDRY DAY, better for you by siopaolo, Tango by ABIR, Made Up Story by Andi, 7PM by Lilacs and Lizzy McAlpine, nothing else i could do by ella jane, July by The Polar Boys, Sensitive by Alex Porat. Halfway There by Jolianne, Pretty Lips by WINEHOUSE, Alpine Green by Jolé.

you should listen to any songs by gracie abrams! but my recommendations are best, i know it won’t work, where do we go now, 21, and feels like!

Hi new friends! You should listen to all NewJeans songs and also Strawberry Moon by IU

hello, new friends. uhm, if you need a song that make you shed a tear, i recommend you close as strangers by 5SOS. or if you need a good tension song, its time of our life by day6.

Not your new friends but woodz i hate u, nolza tbz lagi suka banget ayo sposes nolja nolja kungcak kungcak nolja

hello there, friend! please listen to the neighbourhood songs. especially cry baby, sweater weather, prey and baby came home 2!

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